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August 25, 2023


As a collection of open themes to express various forms of art freely, the collaboration includes a diversity of original artwork and artistic practices. Each artist created a wall-bound work and personalized house sculpture. With that, they’ll be able to highlight what their identity is, and what trajectory they’re going to do. The tendency is that, once the size and a specific theme are provided, there is a possibility that the artist will be limited.

The primary objective is to highlight Bulacan’s young artist community and introduce the younger ones. A way to map the upcoming young artists here in Bulacan and highlight how diverse and evolving it is. The Group of seniors has merged a group to guide a Filipino Young Artist through collaboration and to grow continuous projects with Filipino Young Artists.

“Locale” is a Group Exhibition serving as a diverse collection of originals regarding modern Filipino artists. The Group artist depicted different approaches to convey original art techniques and interpretations to present in the exhibition.

Gian Miroe’s Cosmic Dance with the Nonsensical
“The mind, placed before any kind of difficulty, can find an ideal outlet in the absurd. Accommodation to the absurd readmits adults to the mysterious realm inhabited by children.” – André Breton
To work solely based on a child-like creative impulse, that is the central premise of Gian Miroe’s current show at White Walls Gallery. Veering away from his usual process of crafting deliberately structured and carefully thought out narratives, the impetus behind his most recent paintings is the artist’s longing to release himself from the practice of intentionality in art-making. For Miroe, his explorations on a new, more stimulating visual language stems from his willingness to embrace that which is nonsensical, to wear the fool’s hat, and to depart from his established style and iconography to create imagery that is evidently free of a predictable visual narrative. Simply put, Miroe seeks create work like an unburdened a child once again.
A form of personal art therapy purposely devoid of hidden meaning, Miroe decided to take a step back from the dystopian naturalistic imagery that had marked his years of art practice and, in turn, opted to counterintuitively jump into a cosmos of sheer visual absurdity characterized by ambiguous and playful imagery. By reacting to vibrant, high intensity, and electric colors as visual stimuli, Miroe is able to create what he considers as nonsensical visual relationships within his pictorial field. A dreamscape of sorts, his works invite the viewers to enter a stimulating and playful polychromatic visual universe and craft their own nonsensical, child-like, and amusing visual narratives.

This online exhibition will continue to be updated. Please come back to visit this page in its entirety soon.

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