About the Gallery

White Walls Gallery was conceived in 2016 fueled by its founders’ passion to take on a proactive role in developing the growth of Philippine-based contemporary artists.

Forging partnerships with the artists has been instrumental in solidifying the gallery’s efforts in supporting the local art scene by broadening the platforms available to them within the community. With pop-up exhibitions in art fairs and commercial establishments, the gallery initially explored alternative venues that brought an eclectic mix of works by seasoned and emerging artists to its audiences.

In 2020, despite the global pandemic, the gallery opened its doors to its permanent home situated in La Fuerza compound along Pasong Tamo – the art precinct of Makati, Philippines for formal shows and viewings, cementing its commitment to inspire passion, encourage dialogue, and catalyze ideas. Since then, the gallery has modestly mounted over 30 exhibitions ranging from showcasing renowned, multi-awarded artists to aspiring creatives across numerous genres. The gallery further kept itself at the forefront of the digital market scene with innovative online 360° viewing rooms that serve as a nexus for the public to access art.

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White Walls Gallery

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