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August 11, 2023

Founded in 2017, the Door305 Artist Collective continues to expand, welcoming individuals who have come together to create and showcase their artwork, primarily focusing on talented individuals from their college, Alma Mater, EARIST College of Fine Arts.
This collective has quickly gained recognition for its unique approach to art and its commitment to fostering creativity within the community. This year’s group exhibition features both tenured and new additions to the Artist Collective.
“Revelations” is a Group Exhibition featuring works by Cedrick Dela Paz, Arnel Natividad, Ricky Natividad, Mac-J Turla, Revelie Bueno, Kirk Tabanera, Ross Gadiana, Andres Catig, Jeosh, Christian Esguerra, and Christian Maglente.


As a collection of open themes to express various forms of art freely, the collaboration includes a diversity of original artwork and artistic practices. Each artist created a wall-bound work and personalized house sculpture. With that, they’ll be able to highlight what their identity is, and what trajectory they’re going to do. The tendency is that, once the size and a specific theme are provided, there is a possibility that the artist will be limited.

The primary objective is to highlight Bulacan’s young artist community and introduce the younger ones. A way to map the upcoming young artists here in Bulacan and highlight how diverse and evolving it is. The Group of seniors has merged a group to guide a Filipino Young Artist through collaboration and to grow continuous projects with Filipino Young Artists.

“Locale” is a Group Exhibition serving as a diverse collection of originals regarding modern Filipino artists. The Group artist depicted different approaches to convey original art techniques and interpretations to present in the exhibition.

This online exhibition will continue to be updated. Please come back to visit this page in its entirety soon.

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