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March 20, 2021

Living life as it is now has proven to be both challenging and debilitating. Oftentimes we find ourselves losing track of our days, and feeling as if time has warped and ceased moving. Though, amidst this state of limbo, we’ve come to notice ourselves manifesting the changes in our surroundings; our material outputs serving as markers and waypoints through navigating our personal afflictions. In the process of creating works that occupy our routines, we find fleeting moments of freedom where we forget to count the days that have gone by, and in effect, see new ways of living life as it is right in front of us. “Peripheries” is a group exhibition showcasing the works of five young contemporary artists which aims to explore what it means to work within the confines of an immediate environment with resources readily available, yet overlooked or taken for granted prior to the event of the pandemic.

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