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February 20, 2021

It feels as though every single moment is but a step away from changing drastically. So many things are happening at the same time leaving us so little to breathe or process anything. It is in this wildness that our thoughts are released; our emotions, unhinged, forcing out words and actions that have been restrained in the past. As chaos surrounds us, sometimes blurting out a hard expletive grants us the clarity to ease our wayward thoughts.
“P@#&%!!!” is a three-man exhibition that aims to showcase the bold and energetic works of Pablo Zingapan, Roger Mond and Soika Vomiter. United by the loudness and kineticism in their works, “P@#&%!!!” gives reprieve to the stresses that have plagued one’s thoughts, and affords the platform to shout out words that can normally not be said.

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