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April 24, 2021

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”-Pablo Picasso
Art is a timeless and ever enduring form of expression since the days of old. It captures every aspect of the life and times of an era in streams of vibrant colors and monochrome lines. Art documents social strife, war, famine, prosperity, and progress of the human race. But more importantly, art is a personal experience that varies from person to person; it may transport them into an entirely new world or immerse them into a different reality.
These realities may make them feel a farrago of feelings and emotions. As we have felt during these trying times confined in our doorstep, forcing us to stop and reflect on our actions and experiences.
As this worldwide pandemic rages on, its unyielding onslaught day in day out has left us exhausted in every aspect, and we cling to the simple satisfactions of our old lives. The simple comforts of companionship and discovery that we used to experience so frequently but took for granted. Indeed, the world has changed, we as people also have, we change and adapt to circumstance. Life has a lot to offer and it is up to us to live it or see it for ourselves.
This exhibition titled “LIMN” are depictions of people’s daily lives, feelings, and experiences by the artists during this pandemic confined within the painted floorboards and dusty doorsteps of their homes. These works detail the human experience, culture, thought and introspection. To show the variety of what human expression can offer and how wide it can cover.
Exhibition notes by Brian Paras
Participating artists include Alvin Paraguison, Andres Catig, Archie Sumilang, Carlos Coronel, Edwin Martinez, Jan San Juan, Jaypee Enriquez, Jean Carlo Picatoste, Jojo Delacruz, Joshua Ariar, Kevin Atienza, Mar Perez, Papi Jimenez, Pilo Medina, Qric Batilaran and Rudolph John Doane.

This online exhibition will continue to be updated. Please come back to visit this page in its entirety soon.

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