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February 6, 2021

C i 2 i is a phonetic wordplay meaning ‘see eye to eye.’ – To reach in full agreement on certain topics.
The point was to see, not just with the eyes but with every fiber of understanding, to be in full accordance with each other. In this instance, their shared values and the pinnacle of their shared beliefs. – Is understanding and acting the same way as each other does. To agree only to be an observer, and contribute only when needed. To see with a full heart is what it means to see.
Franz “Nano” Vocalan and John Loyd Benz De Leon’s works are colorful on the surface yet somehow contrast in the presentation through textures and themes. This may also be apparent in their realities, to somehow be the same and not the same at both times. They find a hefty way to come to the center. In agreement, to see beyond themselves and find connectivity.
In summary, “c I 2 i” is a deconstruction of what it means to disagree and find common ground.

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