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There has been much debate in recent months concerning the “new normal.” How exactly does the new normal look like? How do we thrive through this health crisis? The pandemic has been going on for months and yet many of these questions remain unresolved.

“Through the Doors” is an exploration of what might happen once we cross the threshold of our comfort zone and step into a strange new world that has no semblance of the world we once knew. Investigating personal thresholds and drawing inspiration from their own experiences while in confinement during the quarantine, Marko Bello, Efren Carpio, Bullet Dematera, Jep Dizon, JP Duray, Rafael La Madrid, Edwin Martinez, and Martin Maturan take us to a dream-like world through a collection of works in oil, and resin.

With expertise in hyperrealism, these artists have a fondness for surrealism and highly imaginative themes where the unexpected and the unconventional take center stage.

– Luisa Roldan

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