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“Distant Resonance”: Jep Dizon’s Latest Solo Exhibit Mediates Inherent Vibrations People Lean On

July 21, 2022



Daniel Lampa

Known for his work with classical, contemporary realism themes, artist Jep Dizon’s 7th Solo Exhibition titled Distant Resonance explores the idea that something static in one’s eyes is constantly in motion, like waves swaying and vibrating, lulling someone to peace as it repeatedly meets the shore.

The exhibited works at White Walls Gallery feature subjects represented as faceless or hidden faces that suggest anonymity, meditating upon these intrinsic vibrations in matter and memory that we lean on. This compass that serves as our guide pulls us into resonance with ourselves and others, adjusting our senses to a shared frequency.

The exhibition features Dizon’s paintings, such as “Essence of Solitude,” “In The Shadow,” “Merge,” and “Twilight Reverie,” among others. It also includes Dizon’s sculptures inspired by his exhibit called “Retrospective: Reverie” last February 2021 which showcases the artist’s vision in introspective portraits. Like his painting in “Distant Resonance,” each subject draped in his signature fabrics and poised stoically in their own space, lost in their own reveries. 

Prior to Distant Resonance, Dizon also held another exhibition called “An Imaginary View from a Synthetic Window.” It tells a narrative of how modern reality has manipulated humans to the point they have forsaken the world that is out there. 

Dizon, who graduated from Far Eastern University with a degree in Fine Arts and a major in painting, worked on the exhibit from January to June of this year. He worked as a graphic designer before he decided to become a full-time artist. He has gained recognition from Shell National Art Competition and Metrobank Arts and Design Excellence for his remarkable pieces. He has been part of numerous group exhibits since 2015 and had his first solo exhibition in 2019.

“Distant Resonance” ran from June 29 to July 12, 2022. White Walls Gallery is located inside La Fuerza Plaza, 2241 Chino Roces Ave, Makati, 1233 Metro Manila.

Notes about the contributor

Daniel Lampa

Art enthusiast and into Fashion, French Culture, Mid-century modern design and spends a lot of his time curating his home in Manila and LA. He lives with his 3 dogs, Coco, Yohji and Junya.

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